Warranty and ReturnsĀ Yellow Bus Decals

Yellow Bus Decals is Experience.

The products we sell, we’ve been applying for years. We use proven, quality products that originate from manufacturers we trust. All vinyl specifications found on product pages are based on manufactures documentation. Yellow Bus Decals believes all manufacturers statements to be true and factual. This in no way constitutes Yellow Bus Decals warranties.


That being said, in the unlikely event that a return or exchange may be necessary, please consider the following terms.

Returns and Exchanges:

Most products are made when ordered so all of our products are “Custom” manufactured products. Please consider this when ordering. Request for returns and/or exchanges must be made within 10 days of receiving order. No request will be considered after 30 days. We may charge a 25% restocking fee, and may charge for the return shipping if we accept the return.


If decals purchased from Yellow Bus Decals should fail within 1 year from purchase date, we will replace and/or exchange the product. We may need a picture of the product to be warrantied, and a sample of the product. Examples of warrantied failures would be color fading, cracking, de-laminating.

Please avoid harsh chemicals and fuel spills on decals. Do not pressure wash, and/or high temperature wash when cleaning, as all of these damage vinyl, vinyl colors, and prints.

Vinyl products that are placed on horizontal surfaces such as hoods and roofs are not warrantied as Vinyls do not have the same properties when placed on these surfaces, due to direct sunlight, water, and dirt settlements.

Under no circumstance shall Yellow Bus Decals liability for a defective product exceed the price paid for the original product..

Spelling Mistakes:

Please check spelling carefully when ordering, as we cannot be responsible or warranty products that have been ordered with a misspelling, and typographical errors.

Time is of the Essence:

If you realize that a mistake has been made after your order is placed, please contact us as soon as possible and we will attempt to fix the error without any additional charges. Keep in mind that Yellow Bus Decals is a company who’s model is built with that of manufacturing and shipping our customers order quickly. We make no promises to the aforementioned so, only order what you know you need.


Wrapping it all up

After saying all that… what we really want, is for our customers to be satisfied with using us for all of their School Bus lettering and decal needs. So, if you have a problem or concern, we want you to contact us, and we will always do our best to help.

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