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Handicap Decal 4 Inch

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Product Details


4 inch International Symbol of Access



  • Manufacturing: Blue Print on White Vinyl
  • Base Material: High Performance White Vinyl
  • Backing: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Properties: Flexible and Durable, Easy to apply


    This decal is used to identify School Buses equipped with Wheelchair Lifts. Decal sizes, properties and locations vary depending on local, State, and/or Federal Laws.
    Decal uses International Symbol of Access or International Wheelchair Symbol

    Decal is manufactured using High Performance Calendered Vinyl made in the U.S.A.. A Blue print on White Vinyl using vinyl and inks with U/V stabilisers. Extremely durable and high quality material with flexible properties that assist in easy application and the reduction of bubbles during application.

    Note; This is NON Reflective Handicap Decal, For Reflective Decal, Please Visit Our Reflective Category Here

    Additional Details

    Shelf Life: 1 Year Shelf Life in Cool and Dry Climate/Storage

    Material Benefits: Good U/V, Temperature, Humidity, and Salt-Spray Resistance

    Durability: 3-5 Year Applied Life

    Size: 4 (h) X 4 (w) inch

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    If decals purchased from Yellow Bus Decals should fail within 1 year from purchase date, we will replace and/or exchange the product. We may need a picture of the product to be warrantied, and a sample of the product. Examples of warrantied failures would be color fading, cracking, de-laminating.
    Complete Warranty and Return policy can be found on our Warranty and Returns Page.

    Apply to clean surface. It is necessary for surfaces to be free of all dirt, oil, Silicone, etc. as these can cause adhesives to fail as well as reduce the life of decals and striping.

    Applications should be made when surface temperatures are above 50° F.  Applying to surfaces that are in direct sun and hot may be difficult. If possible, apply to surfaces that are in shade.
    Surfaces that have been painted, need at least 72 hours for paint to completely cure and “gas-out” before applying vinyl decals or reflective striping.
    Do not use liquids to apply any reflective decals or striping as this will cause damage.
    For additional help on installation visit our blog, The Yellow Bus Decal Report
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